Social Signals for SEO – A Definitive Guide

Social Signal

Social sharing is part of the SEO process, and experts emphasize the sharing of posts or pages on multiple social media platforms. The primary purpose of social sharing is to gain a huge number of visitors from social media platforms.

But, social sharing is also beneficial for getting higher rankings in the search engine results. However, it is not a direct factor of the SEO process, but it is considered as a positive signal by the search engine for ranking purposes.

There are various types of social signals that search engines can detect, including likes, shares, comments, subscriptions, etc. You can see that the websites that are ranked in first positions on the search engine page results contain strong social signals. That’s why it is important to use social media platforms for getting the maximum benefit from your blog or website.

In this article, we will discuss social signals along with their importance and benefits. Stay tuned with us.

What Are Social Signals?

Social signals for a web post or page is the collection of likes, dislikes, shares, comments, pins, re-tweet, and overall visibility on social media platforms .

Social Signal

It is the priority of search engines to provide the relevant, accurate, and latest information to search engine users. Therefore, search engines take social signals as an indication for ranking in the search results.

The behavior of social media users about a particular post or page of a website indicates the relevancy and accuracy of the information in the post. Search engine crawlers detect the behavior of social media users and give suggestions to search engines for rankings based on social signals.

Social media platforms are great for communication with people from around the world, simply and easily. But social signals are still not included in the list of search engine’s ranking factors. Instead, these are considered as signals for ranking purposes because it provides a backlink for every post just like the standard backlink.


How Social Media Affects SEO?

Social media platforms offer a lot of easiness for users to remain in contact with their friends and family. Also, with the increase in the number of social media users, it is easy for online stores to reach their targeted audience easily.

The following are the ways through which social media platforms helps the SEO experts to boost up the ranking process.

1.      Natural Link Building

Link building is also called off-page seo and its aslo considered as the backbone of the SEO process irrespective of the type of website or blog. The sharing of every blog post helps the SEO experts to gain a link for their every post or page.

It means, if you are sharing your post on ten social media platforms, then you can get ten high-quality backlinks for your website or webpage.

Some people related to the SEO industry argue that backlinks from social media platforms are not worthwhile because these are no-follow backlinks. But in the recent update from Google, it is announced that search engines now take no-follow backlinks as signals for ranking purposes.

2.      Improve Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is an important factor for ranking purposes. Whenever you do search for any keyword on a search engine like Google, you can notice that the sites on top results have high DP and PA.

That’s why social signals are important for improving the DA of any site. Because every share, re-tweet, or pin provides a backlink that is great for improving the domain authority of the website. A higher number of shares, tweets, and pins helps to boost the domain authority.

3.      Expanded Audience

The primary purpose of the SEO process is to expand the circle of the audience from around the world. In some cases, SEO experts also target a particular area or age group to get the customers for their online store.

Social media platforms offer to get in contact with a massive audience that might not be possible with SEO only. Also, social media helps to share the content in a more engaging and attractive way.

4.      Improved Brand Trust

As we mentioned earlier, social media platforms are great to reach a large audience. If you got shares of your post on social media, it will reach more people and introduces your brand to people who don’t know yet about you.

Also, the shares of the brand post send a positive signal to search engine crawlers that is helpful for getting rankings. The profiles on social media platforms are not limited to social media, but these are also ranked in search engine results. It helps to boost up the ranking for branded search terms.

5.      Social Media Search Engines

Social media platforms also manage their database and work in the same way as other web search engines like Google. It is normal that people search for brands or information over social media platforms.

Therefore, if you optimize the keywords in your social media posts, it will provide you an extra benefit. Your post will be visible to people’s search results over social media platforms.

Various online tools are available over the internet that helps you to check the keywords of competitors on social media and optimize your keywords accordingly.

6.      Beneficial For Local SEO

Sometimes online store owners require SEO experts for improving the rankings in the particular region or city nearby the physical location of the store. SEO experts have to optimize their SEO strategy to get the desired results.

SEO experts have to optimize and check for various things like the live location of the store on the website along with the contact number.

Social media profiles are an excellent option to improve the rankings by providing an opportunity to display the business details in the profile. It helps to improve the rankings in the search results from the nearby area. Also, people always like to read reviews of users on your profile or store location before visiting physically.


How To Improve Social Signals?

It is great to have strong social signals for your website or online store, but it is not an easy task to achieve strong social signals. You have to take care of various things and optimize the posts as per the intention of social media users.

The following are the few tips that you can follow to improve the social signals for SEO for your website.

1.      Build a Strong Profile

Social media profile is the primary thing that search engine crawlers consider for ranking purposes. The other social signals like shares likes etc. remains on the second priority.

It is important to make a brief profile, along with the introduction of your business and brand in an attractive and engaging way. Also, put the physical location and link of your website.

If you are using multiple profiles, then try to use similar images on profiles for maintaining brand consistency. The use of a website link not only helps to get a backlink but also beneficial for driving traffic to your website.

2.      Use Attractive and Engaging Content

As the post title of the website, the title of a post on social media is important. It helps to attract social media users, and once they share your post, your brand automatically starts circulating to a wide range of audiences.

It is important to optimize your keywords in social media posts and use attractive images. It is better to use infographics instead of images because it let the readers understand the theme of the post.

But it is important to ensure social sharing as per the instructions of the social media platform while posting anything from your profile. Excessive sharing or excessive clicking on the post can create a sense of ambiguity, and all your efforts will go to waste.

3.      Post Regularly

Just like the requirements of a web search engine (Google), it is important to post or share the content on social media platforms. However, the purpose behind search engine requirement and social media requirements are different.

It is important to post content regularly on websites for getting higher rankings. But it is important to share or post on social media platforms to keep in contact with social media users. If you share your content on social media occasionally, it will never create an attraction for users.

People like to try the brands that they see mostly on any platform.

4.      Use Social Media Sharing Buttons On Website

User-friendly site structure is the priority of search engines as well as for users. It is easy for users to find relevant information or product on websites. Therefore, it is important to use social media sharing buttons on every webpage.

It is easy for the users to share your content through buttons as compared to copy the link and share it on social media account.



Social signals are important to create a sense of trust for search engines. Social sharing is part of Off-Page SEO, but usually, website owners ignore the importance of social sharing.

It is simple, but you need to learn some techniques and spend a lot of time improving the social signals.

If you are looking for someone to improve your social signals, then you can contact us immediately. We are providing social signal services and work as per the instructions of social media platforms for getting better output.

Hopefully, you like the above discussions, and it helps you to understand the entire process in a better way.



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