Five Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared (2021)

Security Plugins

Security checks are necessary for a website to keep it safe from break-ins, loss of money, keeping the sensitive information safe from risk, and sustaining property damage.

The security plugins ensure the safety of the site; make sure that it is up to date. For the website owners, the WordPress security plugins are the best tools to keep their place protected and run it better.

If you want to know about the best WordPress security plugins, you are in the right place. You can continue the reading to know about the top security plugins. So, you can get the one for your website.


What You Need A Security Plugin?

It is a fact that a website is always at risk, as it is infected with malware multiple times a day. This malware can infect your website seriously, for instance:

  • The users may lose all of their data or even access to the website
  • Beside it, the users can be locked.
  • security plugins
  • The website can be utilized to send the malicious code to unsuspected users even to the other websites
  • The hackers can destroy your website entirely, or you may lose all of your SEO rankings
  • It can affect your brand reputation badly
  • You may lose all of your private data or data belonging to the users or other customers

The users can scan their WordPress site multiple times a day without any issue. Still, the scanning of a malicious site can be problematic. Therefore, you will have to get professional help. One of the best ways is to use the best WordPress security plugins.


Top Security Plugins For WordPress

Thousands of security plugins are available in the market, and all of them are not equally useful. Furthermore, you cannot download all of them, as it may slow down your website. So, to ensure the security of your site, you need to get the best security plugins.

There are multiple numbers of security plugins that are free of cost or are available at low prices. But, you may not find them useful because of their functions. Many security plugins are available at a high rate. A large team is working continuously to provide you the best plugins. These plugins are handy.

A brief description of top security plugins is provided over here; you can go through them to get the best plugin.

1.     iThemes Security Pro

With iThemes security pro’s help, the users can get more than 30 ways to secure the site. As you know, thousands of websites are hacked each day due to plugin vulnerabilities, obsolete software, or weak passwords.

With iThemes security pro’s help, the users can lock the WordPress and fix all the standard holes. Furthermore, users can also stop all the automated attacks. Besides it, the plugin can also help you to make the user credentials more strong.

The plugin was previously known as the iThemes Security Pro. It is quite popular among WordPress users. Well, you may not be able to get some free benefits with the help of iThemes security pro.

The plugin can upgrade the pro version of your site. The plugin offers you some necessary security scans. Still, you may not be able to enjoy multiple numbers of other features such as two-factor verification, scheduled malware scans, or file comparisons.

  • Features of iThemes Security Pro
  1. Easy to setup
  2. Users security check
  • Site owners can ban the users, hosts, or even other countries
  1. You can get a vigorous password enforcement
  2. Trusted devices
  3. You can hide the security information from the admin bar
  • You can schedule the scan
  • Strong WordPress protection
  1. Accurate location reporting
  2. reCAPTCHA
  3. strong protection against session hijacking
  • it can detect the outdated codes and can get the fixers

2.     WordFence

WordFence is one of the most useful and popular WP security plugins. The users can get a free version without paying a single penny. Through this free version, you can get the malware scanner, threat assessment features, and above all, can exploit detection.

Users can scan their websites whenever they want. Beside it, an option for an automatic scan is also available. The users can get the alerts in case of any malware is detected. Furthermore, users can also get instructions to take quick steps to fix all the issues.

security plugins

Furthermore, the security plugins also has a built-in WordPress firewall. The users can run the firewall on the service before they load WordPress. But, it may make it less effective too.

WordFence comes with many fantastic features, and one of them is machine learning. To let you get the best security, WordFence learns from your website to differentiate between right and wrong users.

  • Features Of WordFence
  1. Avery extensive database of users
  2. Users can get live traffic views
  • You can scan the site deeply
  1. Complete protection from the community
  2. The first scan works greatly
  3. Intelligent firewall
  • You can block the users via IP countries or IP ranges

3.     Sucuri Security

With this plugin, you can get multiple numbers of beautiful security features. For instance, Sucuri security considers every activity happening at the site and maintains track of every logged-in user on the website. Furthermore, you can get a file integrity monitoring option, which can check if there is any problem in the file or not.

In most cases, the hackers may infect your site either with the help of malicious or a blacklisted URL. Unfortunately, the site owners did not get to know about it, and their site gets defective.

To resolve this issue, Sucuri comes with the blacklist monitoring feature, which is linked with some of the big blacklisting engines. This feature is handy for all those users who are unaware that their site is getting infected.

  • Features of iThemes Security Pro
  1. Sucuri offers you fast customer assistance
  2. Helps you in load balancing integration
  • The plugin is well famous for the WordPress hack cleanup
  1. DDoS mitigation with the plugin
  2. Helps in custom security management
  3. SSL support
  • Let you get the cloud-based malware scanning and firewall
  • Automatic backups
  1. Well famous among the most popular web host and WP sites
  2. Users can get the hack removal and code cleanup without paying any extra charges

4.     MalCare Security

MalCare is one of the most trusted plugins. You can get this plugin to keep your site safe from the MalCare and save your time and energy. All the procedures available here are automated; you can remove all the malicious materials within a minute.

Furthermore, the security plugins will keep your site safe without making it slow. Besides it, the plugin also has a firewall, which will keep your site secure 24/7. The MalCare can also block the IP addresses which contain any malicious material or can affect your site in any way.

The plugin offers you countless benefits such as malware scanning, firewall, and login protection. The plugin gets smarter when malware is detected and keeps its self to take quick action if someone attacks the website.

  • Features of iThemes Security Pro
  1. You can install the plugin automatically within one minute
  2. An off-site scanner tool is available
  • You can get the brute force attack prevention due to the smart recognition
  1. Users can clean all the malware with just one click
  2. You can get the WordPress care update from one dashboard
  3. Provides you the real-time IP and Geo-blocking tools
  • One of the best features available here is team collaboration so that everyone can track the activities at the site
  • MalCare can remove all the malware without affecting your files

5.     All In One WP Security & Firewall

Well, this plugin offers you a countless number of free features. The interface is straightforward to use. You do not need to be a security or technology expert in utilizing this site.

The users can get all the graphs or reports, or related materials related to the site’s security. The security plugins also provides beneficial information to the users, so they can take steps to ensure their site’s safety accordingly.

Above all, the All in One WP Security & Firewall plugin tells you all the necessary steps which users can take to improve the site’s security.

The plugin can scan the site for vulnerabilities or malware. Once all the scan has been done, the plugin will let you know all the necessary steps to improve the security of the website

The plugin uses a grading system to measure each and everything. Well, the grades are bases on the different levels of security at your site.

  • Features of iThemes Security Pro
  1. You can get incredible security against brute force attack
  2. Block the malware and suspicious ID addresses after recognizing them
  • Users can schedule the automatic backup
  1. You can get email notifications regarding the security of your site
  2. Protect the website from PHP code via disabling the admin area editing
  3. Provides the web application firewall
  • The site enables the 5G blacklist to fight against security threats
  • Stop or deny the suspicious query strings
  1. Offers CSRF, XSS, and SQL injections



The WP security plugin can keep the website safe; enhance its speed and ranks. Furthermore, it is beneficial for the conversion rate. It is a fact that no one trusts suspicious sites. Therefore you need to get the best WordPress security plugins to keep your site reliable.



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