10 Best SEO Practices that You Should Follow in 2021


The purpose of every website is to earn money, either it is by selling products online or by displaying the ads on the website. But without proper SEO, it is not possible to earn money because it is the only way that you can practice to gain organic traffic.

Getting higher rankings in the search engine results is the priority of every website. It is estimated that about 75% of search engine users open the sites from the first page of search engine results. Only 25% of visitors go for the sites on the 2nd page of search results.


For getting higher rankings in the search engine results, SEO experts practice some techniques and strategies. It helps them to make the place on the first page of search results.


Best SEO Practices

The following are the best SEO tactics 2021 that you can follow to achieve the desired results easily.

1.      Use Long-Tail Keywords

Everyone relates to the SEO world knows very well that the importance of keywords. These are the terms that are used by search engine users to find information about a particular topic.

Usually, keywords are divided into two parts, i.e., short tail keywords and long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are comprised of up to three words, while the long-tail keywords are comprised of four or more words.

For the best SEO practices, long-tail keywords are more useful because it provides more specific results. Also, it is easy for search engine users to find accurate information by using long-tail keywords.

But keep in mind, avoid excessive use of keywords in the content because the search engine takes excessive use of keywords as spam. As a result, the ranking of the website goes down.

2.      Optimize The Content As Per Search Intent

As we mentioned earlier, keywords are the search terms, but it is important to find the intent behind the search term. We have to SEO optimize the content of the website as per the search intent of users.

Search engines give inclination to sites that provide accurate information as per the requirement of search engine users. It is very easy for the search engines to find the intent behind the search term, and it displays the results accordingly. For example, if the user searches in the bar for “best chicken pizza,” it means the visitor wants to purchase chicken pizza. But if a searcher searches “how to make best chicken pizza,” it means the searcher is looking for a pizza recipe.

Also, content quality and content presentation are important. The following are the few strategies that help you to improve the quality of content.

  • Content must be unique
  • It must not have any spelling and grammatical errors
  • Content must contain headings, sub-headings, and bullet points
  • It must provide accurate and complete information as per the title of the post or page


3.      Mobile Optimization

A few years ago, Google introduced its Google AMP feature that is specifically designed to improve the performance of websites for mobile devices. It helps to improve the loading speed of the site on mobile devices.

Every webmaster has to optimize the website for mobile devices. Because with the introduction of Google AMP, SEO search engines start giving preferences to sites that are well optimized for mobile devices.

It is due to the increase in the number of mobile users. It is estimated that more than 50% of searches over search engines are done from mobile devices. If you ignore the importance of mobile optimization in the website development process, then you are going to lose a huge number of organic traffic for your website.

4.      Improve Site Speed

The speed of the site is important for getting higher rankings. Because visitors don’t like the websites that take extra time for loading, and they close the site.

A website that usually takes 3 seconds or more is mostly closed by visitors without reading the content. It has a negative impact on the rankings of the website in the search engine results.

The best way to improve the speed of the WordPress website is through the use of a cache plugin. Cache plugins help to reduce the load time by saving the HTML files in the temporary storage. As the web browser requests for the data, it automatically transfers the data without collecting it from the server.

Also, the use of plugin helps to reduce the bounce rate and increases the time that users spend on the website.

5.      Create Quality Backlinks

In the past decade, backlinks were considered as the backbone of the SEO process, and experts practice to make a huge number of backlinks for sites. But now, the SEO search engine designed the algorithms for checking the quality of backlinks.

Search engines give importance to sites that are backed up with high-quality backlinks. The word high quality refers to the worth of the source website from where the backlink comes.

Those sites that have high DA and PA, along with low spam rates, are considered a good source. Also, the backlinks from such websites are considered high-quality backlinks.

·         Types of Backlinks

There are two main types of backlinks, i.e., do-follow backlinks and no follow backlinks.

Do-Follow Backlinks

Backlinks that let the search engines to crawl the linked site are known as do-follow backlinks. These types of backlinks are good for the SEO of websites and help to increase the domain and page authorities of the website.

No-Follow Backlinks

Links that are not crawled by search engines from the source site because the webmasters of the source site restrict the search engines from crawling the link.

In the past, no-follow backlinks are considered useless, but SEO experts make no-follow backlinks. Search engines take websites as spam that make only do-follow backlinks.

But in the latest update from Google, no-follow backlinks are used as signals for ranking purposes.


6.      Create Strong Internal Linking

Internal links are the best way to reduce the bounce rate of a website. It is the best part in SEO.  Also, it helps to increase the number of page views. It let the users move from one page to another page relevant to that topic.


Usually, visitors need in-depth information that is available on the other page, and they use internal links to reach that page. Also, users give preference to read the relevant information from a single site instead of searching again in the search engine.

Furthermore, search engines consider internal linking as a signal for ranking purposes. Therefore, it is important to link the different posts or pages of a website with each other.

7.      Image Optimization

Images are an important part of a page or post. It supports the content of the website by providing an overview of the topic, especially for ecommerce websites. Because ecommerce websites need to display their product in a better way, and they have to upload multiple images on the page.

But the use of multiple images for every post or page creates a burden on the server and can reduce the speed of the website. To avoid this problem, try to compress images up to a maximum context without losing the image quality.

Various image compressions are available over the internet that you can use for reducing the image size. Mostly they are free, but some require a paid membership for using advanced features.

8.      Improve User Experience

The structure or design of a website must be user friendly. It let the visitors easily crawl and reach their required information or product easily.

If a visitor feels difficulty in finding the information or product, he/she will close the website immediately. As a consequence, the bounce rate of the site increases that is a negative signal for search engine rankings.

Therefore, it is important to design the website in such a way that it let the users reach their desired information easily.

9.      Social Sharing

Social media platforms are an excellent option to gain an enormous number of visitors to your website. Try to place the social media sharing options on every page and post of the website.

It is great to improve the rankings of a page or post, and when a visitor shares the post from his account and it will be available to all the people in his/her friend list. It means the more sharing helps to gain more traffic to the site.

10. Meta Title And Meta Description

Meta title and Meta description are the two important factors displayed on the search result page of a search engine.

Meta title must provide a comprehensive but concise impression of the post or page. It let the search engines and users understand the topic of the post easily.

A meta description is an overview of the type of content available in the post. It describes the entire article in a short description of about 170 characters.



SEO is not a rocket science. Still, it requires little expertise and a huge time to complete the entire process. Therefore, website or online store owners looks for SEO experts for this purpose.

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Hopefully, the above discussions are helpful for you in understanding the best SEO practices.



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