Core Update 2020

Google used to introduce the search algorithms/updates most frequently all over the year. Google introduces the first core update of 2020 in January and implements it in the various Google data centers within a couple of days.

It is the priority of search engines like Google to provide more useful and relevant results. Therefore, it keeps on introducing the updates in the search engine algorithm frequently. The objective of these critical updates is to improve the user’s experience and provide the latest information.

The January Core Update 2020 is significant for affiliate marketing. Therefore you must bring some quality improvements to your site. The core update 2020 has shown that those websites which sow excellent content have got the reward through this update.

You can continue the reading to learn more about the impact of the January Core Update 2020.

What is January Core Update 2020?

Google has introduced a Core Update in January 2020. Google has introduced the core update on 13th January 2020. Google has implemented the core update in different Google data centers.

Core Update 2020

As you all know that Google follows a very open method while communicating with other people. Therefore they introduced the January Core Update 2020 with the world through a tweet.

Analysis Of Update

It is crucial to know about the topics, people, and fields that were affected by this update. So, after its release, the next step was to understand the impact of this update. It is essential to comprehend which tweaks Google has made to its algorithm, and significantly how it will affect the way of web content evaluation.The January Core Update 2020 has a significant impact on SEO. The following are the analysis of the effects of this update.

1 This update has dramatically affected the eCommerce; according to the sellers, they have lost almost 80% of         their traffic. And even a reduction in traffic can be seen after its announcement in November 2019.

2 The affiliate sites which has not adequately disclosed their affiliate links maybe got affected by this update.

3 The genuinely excellent content seemed to be rewarding because of this update.

4 The pet health content will be held higher than ever before, due to this update.

5 This update was quite helpful for the medical field, as they have started earning after is the announcement.

A dramatic reduction, i.e., almost 60%, was observed for the SEO traffic . At the same time, a few online sellers reported that they had got about 30% increases in traffic.

Sectors Affected By January Core Update 2020

The core update 2020 has affected the organic traffic coming on your page. You need to keenly observe the difference between the number of visitors before and after this update.

You can also check the SERP volatility levels. They are excellent indicators to understand the impact of this update on across the board.
You can visit your page through Google Search Console. It is a straightforward and quick way to understand the changes occurring, especially when you search for the page impression and how well it is performing.

Beside it, you can also take help from the keyword tracking tool. As this data will let you find the topics or words which people are searching for these days? And you can get an idea about your rank concerning these search terms.

The January Core Update 202 has affected many areas, including heal and fitness, content and quality, your money, your life, retail industry, and e-commerce. Pet health has got the highest benefits.

1.     Health And Finance

You can notice a more noticeable and considerable impact on the health and finance niches; at the top of the search engine optimization pages. Surprisingly, the finance niche has experienced more than 1,833% increment in finance, and the health sector has got a 77% increment.

Both of these websites are the winners of January Core Update 2020, as both of these sectors have shown a tremendous positive impact through SERP.

2.     Content And Quality

The quality of the content is paramount here. For instance, if a site offers original and high-quality content, it will pay you high; due to January Core Update 2020.

3.     Your Money And/or Your Life

The January Core Update 2020 has benefited the “your money and/or your life” pages more than the non-YMYL. So, this update can be great news for your business if you have a “your money and/or your life” website.

4.     Expertise

You must make sure that your content is legitimate and trustworthy, and it must be free of errors.

5.     Retail industry

Well, this update is not much beneficial for the retail industry. This sector has got more benefit from the December 2019 update.

6.     Presentation And Production

You must provide the content or data after complete research. Try to avoid ads and make sure that the page can be loaded correctly over all the devices. Otherwise, you may not be able to get benefits from January Core Update 2020.

7.     Travel Niche

The January Core Update 2020 is very beneficial for the travel niche, as it has brought about 24% increments in this sector. You can see a clear difference between December 2019 and January 2020, just by looking over the top 5 results on the SERP.

8.     Ecommerce Site

Whether your site can be affected positively or negatively, make sure that you stay at the top of the search results. No matter what you are selling, you should follow some of the best practices to get the traffic through organic search.

Website Performance

The foundation of search engine optimization will not start with keywords; instead, it will start from your website. You need to make sure that the site is technically sound if you want to rank high in the search engines.

Core Update 2020

To improve the site’s performance, you should ensure that when your store gets ready, you send the signals to the visitors and search engines, and they inform you that your site is secure. And for this purpose, you can install an SSL certificate on your site.

It would be best if you also examined the speed of the site. It is essential for online stores or e-commerce. There is a direct linkage between the conversions and site speed, and you should make sure that your site does not take long to load.

Furthermore, keep in mind that these days most of the buyers shop by using their cell phones. So your website should be mobile-friendly. It will keep the customers happy and will increase your sales.


Google ranks the company on the top of the list based on its quality and matching search engines. Google has revised the algorithm to judge the quality of the sites based on the number of backlinks. A link to your website shows a positive sign.

The backlinks are a significant part of Google’s algorithm. The algorithm takes more as compared to the sheer number of the links of a website.

If you are willing to get the quality and quantity sites to link with your content, you can benefit from social media shares and guest blogging. Both of these will help you to get more links for your site. It will let you get the useful content that people want to link.


If you want to Google-proof your site, you should focus on the time and energy. The financial and wealth websites are mostly focused and targeted by Google because they contain a lot of misinformation.

Google algorithm tries to provide useful results which are proved by science. For instance, if you have a site that demonstrates the benefits of the cabbage diet, it is a fact that this diet is well known as the best way to lose weight. But most people will not search for it.

People search for healthy ways to lose weight; in this scenario, the cabbage diet will not appear. So, Google works hard to build trust with the search result. Therefore, Google has developed the set of instructions for the sites to follow, known as E-A-T.

9.     Competition And Comparison

Your website should offer added value when compared with other similar sites. And make sure the site provides all the information according to the expectation of the users. Furthermore, present the data in a better way.

10.     Affiliate sites

According to core update 2020 Google is not against the affiliate links, and as they are significant for the progress of the success.

The advertisements are a way to earn money, necessary for the existence of the sites. A lot of money is required to maintain a place and to create high-quality content. Furthermore, ads also contribute a lot to the user’s experience.

The affiliate links are essential as they are just a type of advertisement. And the advertisements should be blatant and labeled.

All those websites with some unidentified affiliated links have faced a negative impact due to January Core Update 2020. So, you should add the related links, which are very clear and identifiable for the customers.

Final Words

Google has introduced the core update 2020. This update aims to enhance the user’s satisfaction and ensure Google’s better functionality.

The core update 2020 can affect the sites either positively or negatively. Still, it is essential to understand how these updates work to improve the site accordingly.



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