A2 Hosting Review – Things That You Need To Know

Hosting Service

Hosting is the primary thing that website owners require to make their websites online over the internet. But it is the priority of every website owner to get the best Hosting for their website because of many ranking factors based on the quality of hosting Services.

Right now, A2 Hosting is the best choice to go for as they are offering high-speed hosting and operating in the market since 2001. A vast number of clients enjoy the services of A2 Hosting for a long time.

Hosting Service

However, there are various other hosting service providers available in the market. Still, the features offered by A2 Hosting are rare to get in a single place.

In this article, we will discuss the A2 Hosting from different aspects of providing in-depth information to our readers.


Overview Of A2 Hosting Service

Bryan Muthing is the founder of A2 Hosting that starts this service with the name Iniquinet. The primary purpose of this hosting service was to provide services to a limited number of clients.

But the high-quality service increases the demand and later on in 2003 further increases the quality of service and capacity as well with the name A2 hosting.

Now, A2 Hosting is ultimately the top hosting providers and uses data servers with the latest technology. It offers 20X more speed as compared to standard servers along with improved security features.


Products Offered By A2 Hosting Service

A2 Hosting attracts a massive number of clients with different types of hosting services, along with many other useful features. The following are the types of hosting that A2 Hosting offers for its clients.

1.      Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared web hosting is an exceptional option for websites that are new or operate with low traffic volume. In this Hosting, multiple users can share the server as we as resources of the server.

The unique thing in A2 shared hosting is that it offers ultra-reliable service in this type with 99.9% uptime. The inclusion of the A2 optimized site accelerator makes it unique among the competitors.

An optimized site accelerator lets the users optimize the various caching solutions with a single click. It helps to improve the site speed that is the most crucial factor for gaining high rankings in the search engine results. A2 Hosting offers three plans in shared Hosting, i.e., Lite, Swift, and Turbo.

2.      VPS Web Hosting Service

VPS hosting is suitable to use for websites that are outgrown and need more resources as compared to shared Hosting. This type of Hosting also works by sharing the server with other users but with allocated resources.

It is slightly pricy as compared to shared Hosting but eliminates the risk of domination of other websites on resources. A2 Hosting further categorizes the VPS hosting in the following three types:

  • Core VPS Hosting
  • Un-managed Hosting
  • Managed Hosting

The entire plans and types offer in VPS hosting come with high speed, low loading time, and complete customer support. VPS hosting by A2 Hosting Service comes with 2GB RAM and 75GB storage space that goes up to 8GB RAM and 150GB storage space in different pricing plans.

3.      Dedicated Web Hosting Service

Usually, developers use this Hosting because they have to manage multiple sites at the same time. A2 Hosting offers dedicating Hosting Service with customization options. It means now developers can allocate the server resources to different sites as per the requirements of the site.

Also, like in VPS Hosting, A2 Hosting offers three different types in dedicated web hosting i.e.

  • Core VPS Hosting
  • Un-managed Hosting
  • Managed Hosting

A2 Hosting offers high-performance processors in this Hosting along with many other features like free SSL certificate, fast transfer rate, excessive storage, etc.

4.      Reseller Hosting Service

Reseller hosting by A2 Hosting is the most attractive type of hosting for people who wants to earn by selling hosting to their clients. It offers a user-friendly WHM control panel. It is beneficial to manage the customers efficiently and helps to create as well as customize different hosting packages for clients.

Also, it is easy for users to manage the various essential things like control DNS, manage SSL certificates, and many others. A2 Hosting offers four different pricing plans in this Hosting, with minor differences in features in every plan.

5.      WordPress Hosting Service

With the increase in using WordPress software for developing websites, many hosting service providers start hosting service for WordPress sites only.

A2 WordPress Hosting Service offers a lot of easiness for its customers who want to get hosting for their WordPress site.

A2 Hosting provides hosting with pre-installed WordPress as well as pre-configured the settings for the fastest page loading speed. It let the users transfer the website with a single click and ensures security with regular updates.


Key Features of A2 Hosting Service

The following are the few most critical features offered by A2 Hosting that make it prominent among the competitors.

1.      Free SEO Tools

Ecommerce is one of the fastest-growing industries in recent years, and a large number of online stores start selling their products every year. For this purpose, A2 Hosting Service offers a bunch of free tools that are an excellent option to build an online store.


There are some crucial things in building an online store that requires some expertise, and that’s why usually online store owners need these tools. For example, a shopping cart is an integral part of an online store, but just merely putting the cart is not enough.

Online store owners have to optimize it in different ways, and they require some additional features that are not available even in paid themes and plugins.

The tools offered by A2 Hosting Service for e-commerce platforms include AbanteCart, OpenCart, PrestaShop, and many others.

2.      99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime is an important thing to consider while selecting the hosting service provider—A2 hosting claims to provide the uptime of up to 99.9% that is great for websites.

In testing, we find that the uptime of A2 Hosting falls at 99.95% averagely.

3.      Efficient Customer Support

A2 Hosting called its customer support as Guru Crew that is available for customers on a 24/7/365 basis. It offers different types of support in customer care centers, including one to one assistance, online tickets, global phone lines, live chat, and searchable knowledgebase feature.

The customer support team is fluent in English and offers a quick response to the quarries of customers.

The knowledge base customer support is not working well, and it isn’t easy to find the answer to relevant questions.

4.      Perfect Security System

The security of any website is the most important thing that any website owner never ignores. Along with the SSL certificate, A2 Hosting provides additional security in the form of a perpetual security initiative.

This security initiative includes the protection of HackScan that is great to keep the hackers away from your website and works on a 24/7 basis.

The following are the unique security features of A2 Hosting that help to ensure the security of a website and web server as well.

  • Comprehensive virus scanner to avoid the risk of hacking from different ways
  • The inclusion of dual hosting firewall helps to block the access from unauthorized users
  • The hosting staff at A2 Hosting uses keys to access the servers instead of passwords that creates an additional layer of security to avoid any risk
  • Distributed Denial of Service helps to avoid the attack from fake traffic that makes it difficult for organic users to access the website


5.      Speed And Storage

A2 Hosting offers a different level of speed and storage options in various types of hosting and pricing plans. A2 assures that they use the latest processors in their servers to improve the speed because they know very well the importance of speed for ranking purposes.

For storage purposes, all the servers at A2 hosting Service use SSD devices to improve the performance of the server and website as well. SSDs are the latest type of storage devices and specifically designed to improve the speed.

Drawbacks of A2 Hosting

Along with a bunch of useful features, there is a flaw in the services at some point. In the test, we find that:

  • The prices of different types of Hosting Service is slightly higher than the some competitors
  • Customer support is good but not provide excellent services



In the A2 hosting review, it is clear that the services provided by A2 Hosting are worthwhile to consider while selecting the hosting provider. Maybe, many people don’t know about this hosting service provider. But, it provides high-quality results from every angle along with excellent uptime.

If you want to enjoy high-quality services along with user-friendly setup, then A2 Hosting is the best option that you can avail.

Hopefully, our discussions help you to understand the services of A2 Hosting in the right way.



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