10 Best SEO Tools That Experts Use To Massively Increase Their Traffic

SEO ranking software

Best SEO tools offer a lot of easiness for SEO experts in optimizing the website for rankings in the search engine results. It helps to find the performance of the website as well as the importance of various minor factors, especially when you are new to SEO.

It is vital to use SEO ranking software. Still, you can’t ignore the importance of selecting the right SEO tool. Because, in the world of SEO, the latest and relevant information is the most important thing, that is not an easy task, and many best SEO tools fail in doing so.

Therefore, today, we will discuss the top ten best SEO tools and let the readers understand the worth of every tool comprehensively. Let’s take a look at them.

Best SEO tools

1.    Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the most popular and Best SEO tools that SEO experts use in the SEO process for monitoring, as well as for improving the rankings. This tool offers in-depth reports not only for your site but also for the competitor’s site.

It is the most famous all in one best SEO tools and capable of analyzing the website from various perspectives that are beneficial to improve the rankings.

The audit report comprehensively analyzes the various factors that can create a negative impact on search engine rankings. It can identify a bunch of On-Page SEO as well as technical issues, including:

  • Speed of site
  • Various types of content issues
  • HTML tags
  • Internal linking
  • Outbound linking
  • Keywords suggestions
  • Site health and many others

Best SEO tools

2.    SEMRush

SEMRush is another all in one tool that not only provides information about the SEO of a particular website. It also helps the SEO experts to improve the various other tasks related to blogging. For example, it helps to improve the advertising campaigns, provide traffic analytics, and suggestions for content marketing, etc.

This tool is the Best SEO tools that analyzes the results as per the current data and accurate data. It maintains its own data centers for collecting and analyzing the data from a different perspective.

The data stored on servers of SEMRush updates consistently and provides information about more than 20 billion keywords. It also keeps the information about more than 1.4 billion referring domains.

The unique part of this tool is that it let the users analyze domain vs. domain feature that provides a competitive analysis. It not only helps to improve the rankings but also helps to detect the winning factors of competitors.


3.    Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the most accurate tool that provides the latest information about keywords.

Google Ads introduces this tool for advertisers to find the worth of a keyword. But many SEO experts, especially bloggers, use this tool for keyword research that they use on their blogs or websites.

This tool provides detailed information on every keyword from various geographical locations. Also, you can check the worth of a keyword globally along with other related information. It let the users find the keyword difficulty, bid level, keyword detection from a specific URL, search volume, and related keywords.

Also, it attracts the SEO experts to find negative keywords to improve their rankings in the SERPs. It is totally free to use.

4.    Ubersuggest

Neil Patel is a founder of Ubersuggest, who is one of the famous SEO experts and digital marketers. Search engines require using the keywords in the blogs or websites that identify the intent behind the search. For this purpose, using long-tail keywords is the best option.

The keyword tool offered by ubersuggest provides a bunch of useful and relevant search phrases suggestions that help to outgrow the rankings rapidly. It also provides keyword related information like difficulty level, search volume from a specific location, and keyword worth.

Furthermore, it let the users analyze the website from a various perspective of SEO and point out the issues. It is beneficial to find the information about backlinks on a website along with the quality of the backlink.

5.    Google PageSpeed Insights

Page speed is an essential thing that the search engine considers while giving preference in the search results. That’s why Google developers introduce Google PageSpeed Insights to detect the issues related to the speed of a page or site.

It provides deep insights along with suggestions about the issues detects in the audit report. The audit report comprises three parts, i.e., opportunities, diagnostics, and pass audits.

In the opportunities section, it detects the issues and informs the users about it. Also, it provides an estimation of the increase in speed after implementing the suggestions.

In the diagnostic part, it provides some additional information about a page to make it perfect from all aspects. The last part passed audits provide information about the tests that your website passes in the audit process.

Also, the optimization of the website for mobile devices is essential. It let the users properly optimize the website for mobile devices through suggestions, and it gives the score out of ten for both desktop and mobile-friendly nature of the website.

6.    Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free traffic analyzer tool that helps the webmasters to find the insights of traffic by using different matrices. The main objective of using this tool is to provide useful information to improve the ROI of online business.

The information provided by this tool is useful to monitor and categorize the traffic in various possible sections. It provides detailed information about the traffic like the source of visitors, device information, detail about page visits, time spending by visitors, and many others.

It is easy for the SEO experts to know about the behavior of visitors on the site because it helps to optimize the website to get the desired results.

7.    Google Data Studio

If we talk about the SEO reporting tool, Google data studio comes on the top of the tools list. It let the users collect the data from various resources and presents them in a single place.

The sources include the various products of Google like Google search console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and various third-party sources like SEMRush, etc.

It offers excellent optimization options in the results for reaching a specific result with easy to understand the feature. Usually, SEO experts use this tool for reporting purposes that is easy to understand for clients.

 8.    Yoast SEO

It is another all in one Best SEO tools that lets the users analyze the website from every possible angle. Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that offers to analyze the content and various other related factors before publishing over the website.

It works as a checklist and informs the publishers about deficiencies or errors in the post or page. It is easy for SEO experts to keep a keen eye on many minor but important factors that they can forget to optimize.

It helps to improve the SEO of a website by keeping a view on different factors both from On-Page and Off-Page. Following is the list of few important factors:

  • Optimization of keywords in the content
  • Optimization of keywords in the title
  • Usage of tags
  • Image optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Outbound linking
  • Content readability

9.    Siteliner

It is one of the Best SEO tools that Search engines like Google always give preference to sites that provides high quality and unique content in its articles. Siteline is an excellent option to check the website for duplicate content. It helps SEO experts to avoid the penalty by Google for uploading duplicate content.

Also, it is beneficial to detect other issues on the website that are important for rankings in the search engine results. For example, it provides information about broken links, page speed, page size, the status of internal linking, and many other factors.

If you want to steal the winning factors of competitors, Siteliner is the best information to get deep insights into competitors.

10.   SpyFu

SpyFu is a powerful SEO tool mostly used by digital marketers to find the most profitable and competitive search terms. It helps them to find the keywords from both organic searches as well as from paid results.

It is an excellent option to spy on the resources of competitors and provide the competitor’s analysis reports in easy to read format.

Many other tools are available over the internet that offers similar services like SpyFu. But, the following are the few services that make it prominent, among others.

  • PPC Research
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Research
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Backlink Research


Best SEO tools are essential to know about the performance of the website. Although many other tools offer different features and benefits but the above are the best SEO monitoring tools that you can use.

But if you can’t afford to purchase the premium version, you can use the free version or other free best  seo tools but never ignore the importance of Best SEO tools. It is the only thing that you must have to do correctly to get the desired results from your website or store.



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