8 Simple Ways To Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority in 2021


Domain Authority is also shortened as DA is a searching engine ranking score. The domain authority metric first was developed by Moz. However, other companies also have made similar metrics that are based on various factors.

DA helps you predict how likely your website is to rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). A domain authority score of your website can range from 1 to 100. The higher number of domain authority represent a greater ability to rank.

One of Google’s founders, Larry Page, had introduced PageRank, which became the basis of Domain Authority.

It is generally believed that the domain authority contributes to twenty percent of its SEO success. You can get first page rankings for your keywords compared to a website having lower Domain Authority.

This detailed guide that can help you increase your website’s domain authority, then you are on the right page. We will elaborate 8 ways to increase your website’s domain authority in 2021.


What Is Page Authority (PA)?

Page Authority also known as PA, is similar to DA with a smaller difference. PA considers signals that are particularly related to a specific page instead of accounting domain-wide metrics. So we can say PA score is the prediction that tells us the strength of a webpage.


It is an indication of how easily your webpage can rank on search engines. Normally, a website with having many high authority pages is supposed to have higher DA scores.


Understanding Domain Authority

Before getting into how to increase your website’s domain authority, we must have an understanding of DA in detail and which elements can affect this score.


As we discussed, the DA score was made by Moz, that is a renowned software company. It is calculated by analyzing various elements of a website. These elements can include a number of inbound links, linking root domains, and more.

Before we dive into boosting your DA score, you’ve got to understand what your DA score is and what elements affect it. DA ranges from 1 to 100, and a higher number is always preferred as a rule of thumb.

Making it simpler, DA depicts your webpage’s relevance with the specific topic, market, or industry. Your DA score can vary because of the elements Moz uses to measure it. Thus, your DA score can go upward or downward relative to the highest authority website’s DA score.

This is not the end. Moz has designed domain authority to be logarithmic. It means if your score is already high, you will find it challenging to improve it. For example, it will be far easier to go from 19 to 20 than going from 90 to 100 points.


What’s A Good Domain Authority Score?

Usually, the higher the DA score, the better your website has chances of getting ranked by Google. However, well-known websites such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google have high DA scores that range from 95 to 100.

Above-average websites like CustomerThink’s DA score is around 71. And when it comes to new websites, they have this score in between 10-20. The reason for their lower score is they do not have a lot of backlinks.

Remember, Page domain and domain authority are different. DA predicts the website’s position in a search engine that is associated with the entire domain. On the other side, some of your pages can rank higher when compared with your overall domain.


8 Simple Ways To Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority In 2021

To this point, we have almost covered what domain authority means and why it is considered important. And how it differs from the Page Authority. Now let us discuss x simple ways to increase your website’s domain authority.

1.   Select A Good Domain Name

Suppose you are at the initial stage of developing your website. In that case, selecting an attractive domain name is the foremost step. You can consult various websites that can help you in this regard.

The domain name should be something that can be easily memorized. So, if a visitor wants to visit your site, he/she doesn’t find any hurdle of using a search engine first. Here, some website builders also buy old domains names to encounter this problem.

2.   Create Quality Content

The quality of content has a major contribution to increasing your domain authority. If you create quality content, others also need that and share it. This way, you can get backlinks from high-valued websites.

This process will also increase your root domain score. And this is one of the significant factors while calculating the DA score of your website. To create quality content, we recommend you to concentrate on the most popular pages of your site. Focus on related topics.

3.   Develop A User-Friendly Website Structure

Website Structure is another important factor that Moz uses while calculating your DA score. In the current scenario, you need a website that can equally work efficiently on mobile devices. So, you must optimize your website for your mobiles too.

The second thing in this context is Google does not like complicated structures of sites. The simpler the structure will be, the faster Google can include it in SERPs. A sitemap is a kind of roadmap for your site that helps search engines indexes to approach quickly.

4.   The DR Score Of Linking Domains

When it is to get links, you can get it from a number of low-quality websites. You recommended checking the DR score of the linking sites. Making it simpler, the backlinks from websites having good DR Scores also accounts for your website’s domain rating.



To check their DA score potential, check the content of the website. If they are producing quality content, they bright chances of increasing their websites’ authority.

Analyze their link growth. You can use different websites for this purpose. If they have a steady upward increment in links, their DR is likely to increase over time.

5.   Remove Bad And Toxic Links

You must check your link profile repeatedly to scan out toxic and bad links. This way, you can remove links from a toxic source that could hurt your DA score. You should also eliminate links posted on your website that can lead to bad sites since they have a negative impact.

You can see it hectic to check each link on your site. You can get the help of various software and website that can help you in managing your links. This way, you can check whether a link is broken or alive on your link manager instead of checking them one by one.

6.   Effective Loading Speed Of The Webpages

Slow loading speed always has severe effects on your bounce rate. These days, 53% of users leave the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.


Remember, the patience level of the users is decreasing with every day passing. Consequently, they demand webpages with high loading speed.

When you talk about your website’s loading speed, you can check it with the PageSpeed tool by Google Developers. It will not only help you to analyze the speed but will also recommend ways to improve it.

7.    Increase Your Social Signals

Google has announced many times that social signals have no business with the Google ranking algorithm. However, a significant correlation is seen between webpages that are ranked high on Google and social signals.

It means the webpages famous on Google tend to have many shares, likes, and tweets. For this purpose of improving your domain authority, you need to do is:

  • To work on your FB business page and attempt to increase your followers.
  • Ensure your active social media presence on various social media platforms so that your content gets exponential sharing.
  • Ensure that your content has a social media sharing button on your page. It will ease your readers to share your content.
  • Ensure that your content structure looks even when shared using any of the social sharing buttons.


8.   Invest Time

Improving the domain authority of your website is not something that can be achieved instantaneously. It takes a considerable amount of investment of your valuable time.

Moz crawlers take some time to approach and evaluate your website once you make any changes to it. Work systematically, and it will improve your Google ranking to have positive effects on your DA score.


Final Words

Domain Authority is essential for a variety of reasons. It enables you to analyze the overall performance of your site. Moreover, you can also compare your DA score with the competing websites to see your market position.

You can find Domain authority complicated at first since numerous factors that add to your rankings seem daunting. However, once you get familiar with DA, it helps you monitor and optimize your site.

Adding DA to your SEO toolbox enables you to get a comprehensive understanding of your website’s health and digital presence.



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