10 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins Compared (2021)

Speed Optimization

It is a known fact that the internet is all about speed and saving time. The optimization plugins are crucial to ensure the WordPress website’s speed, image optimization, and static HTML files.

The speed plugins allow fast website loading and catch organic visitors. Some of the speed optimization plugins also keep a check on the health of your site

This article consists of the best WordPress speed optimization plugins.  Their comparison will enable you to choose the best plugin for your website optimization. You will also know about the winner of this plugin comparison.


The Need for a WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins are used to increase the Speed Optimization of the WordPress website. When a person uses a caching plugin on the website, the website usually loads faster than before.

Statistically, more than half of the audience wants to load your website in less than three seconds. According to google logarithm, the higher your website’s Speed Optimization, the better your search rankings will be. As a result, you can attract a lot more organic traffic.

The purpose of a caching plugin is to generate the statistic HTML pages of your website page. These static HTML pages of your websites are usually saved on your server. So, whenever a user approaches your website, the server loads a lighter HTML version of your website.

Using the HTML lighter version of the website, you can avoid the comparatively more massive WordPress PHP script. Hence you can tremendously increase the loading time of your page.


10 Best WordPress Speed Optimization Plugins Compared (2021)

Speed Optimization

The following are the best WordPress speed optimization plugins

  1. WP Rocket
  2. WP Super Minify
  3. SG Optimizer
  4. Perfmatters
  5. W3 Total Cache
  6. Sucuri
  7. WP Smush
  8. Gtmetrix for WordPress
  9. WP Fastest Cache
  10. WP Super Cache

Here is the brief description of all of these plugins:

1.     WP Rocket

WP Rocket can magically increase website performance. This robust website speed optimization plugin will load your website in just a few seconds; it will boost your conversions and increase your traffic. It follows the advanced caching rules.

It works by reducing the weight of your HTML, CSS files, and JavaScript through the minification process. With the help of WP Rocket, your website will load the images only when a visitor scroll down the website page.

On the whole, this strategic technique will help you a lot in enhancing your website performance. It not only decrease the load Speed Optimization of your website but also increases the site performance.

  • Features
  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Image lazy loading
  • Rollback of versions
  1. CDN integration


2.     WP Super Minify

WP Super Minify will optimize the speed of your website without any manual intervention. It is a free speed optimization plugin, and it does so by caching the JavaScript and minifying the CSS files. Both the JavaScript and CSS files are notorious for decreasing the website speed.

This Speed Optimization plugin’s activation will instinctively compress the HTML, CSS, and inline JavaScript on the website. Hence it boosts the speed of your website loading. It is straightforward to use and is very straight forward.

Another exciting thing about the WP Super Minify is that you can check whether the Speed Optimization plugin is working or not. For this purpose, you need to press Ctrl + U, showing the compression settings on your screen.

  • Features
  1. Minifies HTML, CSS files and JavaScript
  2. Free of cost
  • Easy to use


3.     SG Optimizer

It is a powerful Speed Optimization Plugin that can immediately increase the speed of your website. There is a condition for this website’s working; it will work when you select the SiteGround as your service provider.

SG Optimizer will also allow you to enable or disable the minification of your CSS files and JavaScript resources. Apart from that, you can also erase the query strings and emoji files from the statistic resources.

It is free of cost optimizer and allows you to configure the dynamic caching and Memcached. You can also enable and disable Gzip compression. It helps you to optimize the images in bulk and individually.

Another remarkable feature of SG Optimizer is that you can optimize your new images’ speed and optimize the old files. In this way, it can surprisingly increase the speed of your website.

  • Features
  1. No cost
  2. Image optimization
  • Gzip compression

4.    Perfmatters

It is a fantastic speed optimization plugin and can magically boost the speed of your website page. The usage of this plugin is effortless, and. Firstly, you have to press the enable option and choose the options you want to select. The Perfmatters take care of all the other matters.

There are several options that Perfmatters shows you for the better speed of your page. For instance, you can turn off various options like embeds, emojis, Google fonts, and query strings to ensure a reasonable pace.

It is a very light in weight Speed Optimization plugin and has a heartbeat control feature that can work with your existing caching plugins.

  • Features
  1. Disable scripts per page
  2. Integrate with existing plugins
  • Support REST API control

5.     W3 Total Cache

It is a free and potent plugin that allows you to enhance the speed of your website. Its work is the same as other plugins: by minifying JavaScript, CSS files, RSS feed, and post & pages of your website.

With the help of CDN integration, it can tremendously reduce the loading speed of your page. CDN integration helps in reducing the user server location distance hence boosting the site speed. It also has database caching and browser caching features.

This WordPress plugin is for advanced users because of its complex setup. It assists an enormous array of options and caching techniques.

  • Features
  1. Support CDN
  2. Minifies HTML and CSS
  • Support database caching

6.     Sucuri

Sucuri is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to enjoy the perks of your website page’s fast loading speed. Other fantastic features of this plugin are the security features that keep you secure all the time.

The Sucuri Content Delivery Network caches the host website’s data and ultimately gives you the fastest loading speed. You can also use this Speed Optimization plugin for other tasks like scheduling scans, blacklist, and whitelist files. It can also enable email alerts for you and much more.

  • Features
  1. Security features
  2. Allow miscellaneous tasks
  • Enable email alerts

7.     WP Smush

WP Smush is an all in one Speed Optimization plugin that will make you get rid of slow page speeds. It has the incredible power to enhance the loading speed of your website page. It will robotically work on each file of your website for better results.

Speed Optimization

It can optimize your images, resize, compress, enable lazy loads, and improve Google page speed. So, overall it works for every particular of your website. It is based on the services of Yahoo which allows you to remove bytes and optimize the images.

It can optimize JPEG compression and can integrate with Smush. It API. It is free of cost and is maintained by WPMU DEV.

  • Features
  1. Free of cost
  2. Run existing images through plugins
  • Strips metadata

8.     Gtmetrix for WordPress

Gtmetrix for WordPress is a magnificent plugin in the world of optimization plugins. It always informs you about the health of your website. You do not have to run the manual operations as it automatically runs the analysis.

It runs the schedule reports and analysis on a daily or weekly basis. Afterward, it sends you the current status of your site. For the inspection of these reports, you can visit your WordPress dashboard.

This plugin enables you to detect and solve the problem that otherwise may prove to be a threat to your page’s speed. It is compatible with all the WordPress plugins.

  • Features
  1. Automatic website analysis
  2. Dashboard reports
  • Vast compatibility

9.     WP Fastest Cache

It is another plugin for your WordPress website that will increase the speed of your website page. It works by catching the static HTML files from your WordPress website and give you a fast loading speed.

For the reduction of the files like HTML, CSS it minifies them. It also has an emoji disable the feature. It can combine many CSS files into one to reduce HTTP round-trips.

  • Features
  1. Effortless setup
  2. Integration with CDN
  • One-click cache clear


10.                       WP Super Cache

The active downloads of WP Super Cache are more than two million. It is a first-class WordPress plugin that enables you to enjoy the fast website loading speed. It has a terrific impact on the overall performance of your website.

It follows the same protocol as other plugins by generating static HTML files from your website. Then your web server uses them rather than exploiting the more massive PHP files. This plugin provides a beneficial technique to retain visitors and enhance your website speed.

It serves the caches using three methods that are Simple, Expert, and WP Super Caching. Simple is the most recommended method. Then comes the Expert that enables the fastest loading and the WP Super Caching used to cache pages for familiar users.

  • Features
  1. Allows cache preload
  2. Support multiple caching
  3. Enable static HTML files


The winner of the comparison is WP Rocket

The ultimate winner of this comparison is the WP Rocket plugin. It has so many unique features as listed below

  • Lazy image loading
  • Gzip compression
  • HTML and JavaScript minification
  • No Advance settings
  • Advanced option tab
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cloudflare integration
  • Fast technical support

With all these features, the WP Rocket has surpassed all the available plugin. It is fast, simple, and intuitive.


Final Words

You can speed up the WordPress website by the WordPress speed optimization plugins are very important. They cache the un-necessary files from your website and generate static files for your site’s fast-paced loading.

The best WordPress speed optimization plugins and their comparison will allow you to choose the best one for your website.

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