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The Secrets of Getting the Best Results in SEO for Your New Site

The search engine has arrived in your hometown. They have put their big red flag in your face and now they want to get their share of your wallet. That means big bucks for those who can figure out how to get your site listed in the search engines with just a few quick clicks.

In this article I will give you a brief overview of technical SEO, what it is, how it works, and how to get your site ranked highly in the search engines with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

What is technical SEO?

A complete and simple guide to improve search engine ranking with a few “on-page” but most importantly, a few “off-page” SEO tactics.

The Search Engines are here to stay. Your competitors are trying to get into your market. You may be ranking high in Google but it is not from a top-quality source. A simple way to improve search engine ranking is to understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization.

This guide is complete, it will teach you every trick in the book, whether its on-page or off-page. What to do with the page title, Meta tags, heading tags, keyword placement, alt tags, image tags and how to optimize your site using the keywords you have selected to increase your search engine ranking. The best search engine optimization is found by following the following steps listed below.

1. Your web page content must be relevant to your web page title. Search engines will not index your web pages if they do not understand what your page is all about. Your page title, the site description and any sidebar content must be direct related to your web page. The page title must be your most important keyword. The site description must also be a relevant keyword for that page. Having keywords in your description is also a good idea to index your site and also provide useful information for the users of your site. The heading tags are also very important to index your site.

2. Your site must have a few images on the site. You can add more images but the best images you can add are a couple of slideshows. Many images can be a problem to index, but images help because they are usually directly related to the content of the site and also search engines like to link to images.

3. Search engines cannot read images and even the smart image hosting sites do not provide access to the image links. So for images to be indexed, you can also submit your images to image hosting sites that offer access to image links. However, if your images are not listed in hours, it could be because your site is not optimized for image links and you need to improve this.

You can also write an article that is also image related to then upload that to image hosting sites. Make sure that the image is linked to your site via text link. This is one method that I like to use. Many image sites will charge you to submit a single image, but you can find many image sites that charge you less to submit one image. Also make sure that your images are of high quality. If your image is of low quality, search engines will consider your site as less relevant and your images as less important.

Don’t forget to review your site once a week, once a month, or more often, depending on your site.

Now you know about the factors that will determine the relevance of your site for the search engines, next is the most important thing of all…

You must build your site with the benefit and view of the consumer and the search engines in mind.

The search engines will only index your site when they feel that your site is relevant and it is their aim to provide quality results to their users. In this sense you must only use the approved techniques in order for your site to index quickly.

You must also keep in mind that this will help you create links that will lead to your site. If you use a good white hat technique that will help the search engine to recognize your site as an authority on the subject. If you use a rejected technique, you will create many broken links and so fewer search engines will recognize your site as an authority.

Don’t forget to check your site against the search engines. You must always use approved methods in order to get the best results of your site.

One of the problems that many people face, when they build their new site, is they forget the value of using a blog to build the site. Use of a blog to build the site is important. You can also have the automated the blog to build your site and submit it to the search engines. Don’t forget to have the site indexed using a blog. There is a new program that will have the blogger submit directly to the search engines.



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