To get your website indexed is to submit to the search engines themselves. When you submit to the search engines they will find your site and index it if they are running an automated process.

Once you have submitted your site to the search engines you will want to go ahead and create a sitemap as this will help the search engine spiders find your site. The sitemap can also be a great way to advertise your site to the people that are using the search engines. You can link the links in the sitemap to specific pages on your site that you want people to follow. This will help you with the rankings that you want for certain key terms on your site.

One word of caution – do not go overboard on the use of keywords in the sitemap. It could work against you. Instead of putting “Home” as the most used key phrase in your sitemap put “Home” as the 3rd most used key phrase. This will show that people are finding your site by searching for “Home” and not “Home”.

If you do not have a site map made keep in mind that a site map is just a list of links. If you are going to create a link to your site using keywords it needs to be a link that is going to benefit your site in some way. As an example – a link that says “Free Report on Affiliate Marketing” would not be very beneficial to your site.

It would be more beneficial for you to create a link that goes with a review of your affiliate program or product that you are promoting. It would also be more beneficial if the link were used to promote your affiliate program if you are an affiliate marketer. As you can see a link that is just a link saying “here is my site” is not going to benefit you. A link that goes with a product or affiliate program that you are promoting would benefit you.

Keyword Research

I stated earlier that you are not going to find all of your site’s key terms in your website. Some of the key terms are going to come from the content of the website. You need to make sure that you are focusing on getting the right types of key terms in the content of your website. The keywords that you select need to be ones that people are looking for and that will provide you with revenue.

The content of your website is also going to play a major part in your success. If you are creating content on a daily basis and getting your key terms into that content then you are going to find success. If you are not creating content on a daily basis it is time to start creating content. You can focus on getting the right types of key terms in the content or you can also create content on a monthly basis. Do a little bit of both and you will find that you are going to see success.


I stated earlier that you need to focus on getting links to your site. It may be hard to get links to your site because you do not have a lot of site links. You can focus on getting backlinks to your site to get more site links and have more traffic to your site.

The best links to your site are links that come from a high-traffic site, a site with a large following, or a site with other links to your site. However, the links that come from high-traffic sites, sites with a large following, or sites with other links to your site can provide you with valuable search engine exposure and your site will be more likely to get penalized.

If you are new to search engine marketing and you have a low-traffic site, then it is going to take time for you to build links to your site. However, it will not be punished because the links that point to your site are not quality links. You will find that a lot of major and minor search engines will reward you if you have links to your site.

However, you must focus on getting quality links. Do not spend your time on getting backlinks to your site. The traffic that you receive is not going to take you very far unless you get quality links.

By placing a meta tag on your web pages, you can control the keywords that are displayed on your pages. The keywords meta tag is used to specify the keywords that will be used to identify the pages that are displayed on the results pages of major search engines. A meta tag is a piece of code on a webpage that you can insert into the HTML code. Meta tags can be useful, but you must be aware of the fact that they are not considered to be as significant as link text.



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