It is simply the process of optimizing your website for search engines using off-page techniques. And the thing is, off-page SEO is nothing but optimizing your website off-site and off-line to give you the highest possible rankings in search engine and your ranking will be on the top of the page.

It is not a secret and no it is not some mysterious thing that you need to know and learn. And yet, there are thousands of people running their own businesses online. And one of the most frustrating things is that they do not know what is off-page and what is on-page. And this is when you need to take help of a professional. You do not need to figure it all out by yourself. And the professional know the right off-page techniques and the right on-page SEO techniques. They do not waste your time and effort. They know exactly what to do and what not to do. And you do not have to worry anymore.

What off-page SEO is there?

* Link building – this is when you get your website or blogs linked to. The best way is to get valuable content published on other websites. The content will get linked to and there your links. It is very easy to achieve link as they are valuable and relevant to your website.

* Directory Submission – this is submitting your website or blogs to directories. This is very easy method to build links. Just look at the results you get. Most directories will rate your website higher than yours.

* Article submission – this is a very simple and easy to use method of building links. They provide you with links and content which they do not control. So you are in complete control. The link building is also used to provide you with useful information, quality content and products for customers.

* Video optimization – this is another simple and simple method to build links. You publish quality content videos that are relevant to your website. Search engines will rate your video higher than yours.

* Social bookmarking – when you are not satisfied with the results of the link building method then you can use the social bookmarking. You can bookmark your website and each bookmark will provides you with links. You can also submit your website to social bookmarking sites.

The above mentioned tactics are used for link building. In addition some SEO tactics like back linking, PPC advertising, etc. are used to build links.

The below given SEO tricks are used to get a higher Page Rank.

* Keyword research – a keyword is the word or phrase that people use to search for something. An example of a keyword is ‘money’. People use this word to search for the product. This leads to the understanding that the product of interest is money. You can use this idea for your website. For your website to get a higher page rank you need to have the keywords of interest to your website. It is important to understand what keywords are being used to find your website. The below given tricks will help you in understanding what keywords are being used to get the webpage of interest.

* Use your Web Analysis Tool to see the keywords that people are using to get to your website. You will get a list of keywords, their search volume, and competition. Use the information in your website’s content to build your content around these keywords. The content should be of interest to the visitors of your website.

* Submit your website to directories and search engines – a website must be submitted to directories. Directories have high relevance to the web content. Search engines also look at popularity of the directory. Directory submission is not a cheap service. But once you start submitting your website, the revenue you get will make it worthwhile. This can be done by using the service that is perfect for submission of your website in public directories.

Other important online marketing tricks include

* Keyword advertising – keywords are also called keywords or key phrases. They are words or phrases that people type in the search boxes of search engines to get to your website. Keywords are also called tags. They are important because they help to create the topic of the web page of interest. Using the right keywords can boost the page rank of the website of interest. The keywords must be relevant to the website of interest.

* Social bookmarking – a social bookmarking site is a website that lets its members submit their website links to it. These sites also provide bookmarking facilities to its members. In this way, members also save their web pages to make use of them later.

These bookmarking sites have thousands of members that work hard in creating their personal social bookmarking sites. The users that upload the web pages that they have developed on the sites, usually do not work for these sites. They are paid by them. These sites usually do not have an interface because they have so much links to work through. They are mostly ware houses where websites are put together.

* Website marketing – this is one of the key marketing techniques that you must know. This includes creating a website that can attract the visitors. This should be informative, and search engines will look for this when they rank the web pages.

Other tips that you must follow are

* Submit your site to the directories of your choice. These directories will have a high relevance to the website of interest. So this will have a better rating with the search engines. Also, your site will have links that can help the other site to give more hits to your page.

Finally, if you will remember, these are not all the tricks to be followed. There are a lot more. So you must do a little research to find the best techniques of these tricks.



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