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SEO Strategy Experts – Optimizing Your Web Site For Google

Google plans to update its algorithm formula in 2021 to feature an aspect called Web page Experience, which according to the search engine giant will affect the way the page is rated. Page experience refers to how often a page is visited. Google will determine the experience level by tracking how often sites are visited and the number of links, likes, tweets & +1s, etc. are logged on a page. It would not be surprising to find Google PageRank being used to determine the overall experience for a particular page. One might say the goal of the Google Page Experience algorithm change is to create a page which is less about generating traffic and more about giving away value. How can one accomplish this? The answer is simple; build your web pages with rich media in mind. If you want to do well in Google’s ranking, you must understand how to build rich media web pages by using keywords, images, video, and other rich media elements within the content. The reason is that rich media will help the web pages show up in Google’s organic results, and the way this can happen is through high Pagerank, or by achieving higher PageRank through links. Links are the means through which you can increase your PageRank, and the easiest means to do this is through the use of rich media. So in this new rich media world, how do we use these media to our advantage? In order to have a successful Google PageRank +11, rich media must be used to link back to your web page. One method is by posting a blog to other sites, but Google has no problem reading that, either. Another way is to create and use rich media images that are linked back to your site. The key is to build your rich media as an integral part of your web site, and not simply as an afterthought. If Google wants to see how you build your rich media sites, then you will see a Google +11 on your profile. This helps with your linking back to your web site and lets Google see your efforts in this area, which will help increase your PageRank and your site’s visibility in the search engine results.  



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