Google wants to up-date its algorithm criteria in 2021 to include an aspect named Site Experience which will be weighted heavily on the number of people actually visiting the page, rather than just the number of clicks the link takes. To get links to your website, you need to get more people to visit your site and click it so the link becomes more valuable because it actually performs a function. This is in stark contrast to the current link building system which is based solely on the number of clicks it takes to register as a click.

The changes will be in place for approximately 3 years and is likely that the shift will be less on weight on quantity of clicks and more on quality of content, user experience and website maintenance. The current system is in place until then so your SEO company can be ready with all the new techniques to keep your rankings on the up and up.

The current system favors companies who use tactics such as buying links, buying social media accounts and paying for traffic to go to their website rather than the companies who make their content and site more available to the online community. These tactics can add value to your site and are very valuable to keep your ranking because Google will credit these as user generated links.

Google will also look at the quality of content. It has become increasingly clear that keyword loaded articles are not valuable and it is now the quality of content that is valued. This means that the links that count, and are counted as relevant in the eyes of Google, must contain keywords relevant to your keywords. The more relevance that the keywords are related to the keyword being typed into Google, the more value that link is going to have. So make sure your content is relevant and contains keywords relevant to the topic that your visitors are searching for. It will then be seen by Google that your site contains valuable content and so will be considered relevant in the eyes of them. Your SEO company should be aware of this rule and adjust your content accordingly.



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