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Tips To Make A Website Searched Engine Friendly

A search engine’s job is to provide its users with the most relevant websites for their search criteria. This is done using complex algorithms. It starts with a query and uses previous query information to find websites. The websites are sorted into different groups based on various attributes. In addition, it can also use different variables to decide the websites to display. Once the website groups have been generated, the websites are ordered based on the relevance of the website. The websites that are displayed to the user are referred to as the results.

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO is a process in which websites are edited to improve their relevancy for queries. For example, you want to find a website that provides you with information on dog breeds. You type in “dog breeds”. After completing the search you have created a list of sites. But why don’t you find the relevant information as one website after another? Isn’t this unfair? Well, that is where SEO comes into place. It aims to make the process fair. This can be done by altering the websites’ properties, as well as their HTML codes.


Since there are millions of websites competing for web rankings, and the algorithms are kept under strict secrecy, a large organization has been assigned to carry out this task. This organization is SEO Firm. In recent years, many firms have been launched. All boast of top-quality and reliability. The main purpose of their debut is to take your website on a good ranking. If a website is found under their portfolio, then SEO firms will definitely rank your website higher.


However, a firm’s primary purpose isn’t to help your website become number one. That would be unfair. Instead, a firm’s primary purpose is to ensure your website reaches the top position. This is done through intelligent keyword and content creation. Moreover, search engine optimization tactics are taken in a strategic manner. This ensures your site has the capacity to rank high for multiple keyword phrases.

How to improve your website?

1. The website content which is written by professionals is very well optimized. It has all the keywords used in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, AOL, Ask. They even use misspelled keywords for the benefit of your company. Search engines favor websites that have a keywords density of 5-8%. The keywords density is that you need to have keywords in your website’s content for a page to be displayed in the search engine results. Having too many keywords can lead to reducing your page’s visibility. Websites with a keywords density of 8% are not displayed in the search engine results, so try to keep the keyword density of your website at the range of 4% to 6%.


2. Your content needs to have quality content. Search engines are not as easily fooled as others. They know that the pages have been well written. Having said that, there are tricks for your website. You can add graphic slideshows or videos, as these attract the search engines. These tricks can help your website reach top rankings.


3. Use a variety of keywords in your website. Make it multi-language, as search engines often search in multiple languages. The more page hits your website gets, the more visitors it gets. Besides, your website has the potential to become more popular, which leads to a traffic increase.


4. internal linking is important. It tells the search engine about how well you organized your website. Internal links are often used for navigation. Many search engines like to see user’s ability to navigate a website. Make it non-obtrusive. Make the links invisible and change the anchor text as per your requirement.


5. Your website’s design is very important. Keep it simple. It tells the search engines about the layout of your website. In this way, they can give a satisfying result. Having said that, you can also use a lot of graphics and flash. The search engine robots can read these. Though this is a waste of time if your website catches the search engine’s attention, it gives better results. This will not only raise your ranking but also the traffic.


You can check the progress of your website. You can check whether your website is indexed by all major search engines. You can do keyword research for your website. This will help you in selecting your keywords.


The keywords you choose should target the niche you are targeting. So try selecting keywords that are related to the website that you are promoting. The more targeted your keywords, the better. If your keywords are not properly targeted, then it may confuse the spiders in returning results to you. So make it targeting keywords.


And lastly, it is advisable to make your website search engine friendly. It will have better results if you make it load faster. This will make the users happy and it will encourage them to return to your website. You can always opt for a free personal one by contacting a company.



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