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SEO Rules – 5 Steps to Improve Search Engine Rankings

  1. Link building is still very effective in 2018. If you think that link building is dead, you haven’t been paying attention. Google is continuing to rank sites that have many links above those that have fewer.

    2. Be sure to get as many backlinks to your site as possible. Backlinks are incoming links that direct traffic to your site. If you have more incoming links than outgoing links, you will be considered more important by Google.

    3. SEO is more about getting your site in front of Google’s eyes as quickly as possible. With search engines changing their algorithms on a regular basis, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

    4. Be sure to follow these rules with SEO efforts. Google, among other search engines, continually tweaks their algorithms to ensure that the best quality websites get ranked faster.

    5. Use article marketing to help you promote your site. Article marketing allows you to post relevant content on high ranking sites. These links are powerful because when you post articles, you get credit for them being shared with other users and you are also credited for the number of times they are re-printed. This could help you increase your page rank.

    If you look back at the top 10 SEO strategies of 2018, you will find that keyword research was a major part of what people did. Today, you also need to use PPC advertising, social marketing, website directory submissions and blog commenting. It’s important to use all of these tools to increase your exposure.

    Top 5 Tips for an SEO Successful 2018!

    1. Always use keywords. It’s important that you use the keywords that you have decided upon in the tags, title and content of your web pages. The best way to do this is to make your titles and content informative and meaningful to your target audience. Not only should you have the keywords in the titles and content but you must also make the search queries in your content. The results that you see are search queries that users enter in order to find your site. For instance, if you have a web site in a niche market and your target audience is small business owners, you can place the keywords in your titles and content like “small business owner” or “small business ideas”.

    2. Be cautious with images, videos and flash. It’s important to understand the differences in the different programs and platforms. It’s important to have a well designed web site and it’s important to make the pages look attractive. It’s important to understand that your visitors will look at the text first and only then look at the images or videos. This means that if you use images and videos in your site you need to make sure that you also add a text description about them in the HTML. Some online publication provides a free online tool for this. You also need to make sure that the links of your web pages are meaningful. The best example of this would be if you have a link “buy china small business ideas” it should be a meaningful and descriptive text link. This way people can see what you are selling, read about the product and find out how they can buy it. You can also use custom SEO tactics. You can use these for promoting your site as well.

    3. Ensure that the navigation and the structure of your site is organized. It’s important that the navigation of your site is well organized. Most major search engines prefer sites that are well structured. Moreover, they also provide a rating to the sites according to the relevancy and the legibility of the links and the menu.

    4. Create the titles and content that are attractive and meaningful. When it comes to the titles and content you need to be careful of the keyword density. You must not exceed the keyword density at your chosen search phrases. The ideal keyword density is 2-4% at the search phrases that you want to target. Make sure that your keyword density is well selected and also that your title and content contains the keywords.

    5. Do regular website updates. You should never forget about the frequent updates. The search engines like sites that are updated often. That’s why you should always update your site regularly.

    Other important points are the anchor texts and the backlinks. Make sure that the anchor texts are relevant. If you have backlinks that are relevant then the search engines also likes this.

    All these rules helps you to improve your rankings and search engine rankings. It’s important that you use SEO correctly and you also need to make sure that the keywords that you use are meaningful and well selected. You also need to make sure that the anchor texts contain the keyword.

    These are just some of the steps that you need to follow in order to optimize your website. These rules help you to increase the ranking of your site.



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