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SEO Guide – The Basics of Sub-Domain Name

Search engine optimization is the process of getting our websites to be placed at the top of the results of search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. The key word for this is “places”. The goal of SEO is to place our website on page 1 of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Why page 1? Because usually it is the top page of the search results.

The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Those are usually the only two search engines people use to find relevant websites. In order to get on those top search engines it is necessary to be well optimized. SEO requires a lot of time and hard work. Many website owners are tempted to do it themselves. But I suggest they hire an SEO expert or an agency.

We can break down the job of an SEO firm or agency into two parts. First, find relevant keywords for our website. Then, find the best places to include those keywords. Also, find places to link those keywords to our sites. Then it is necessary to put the most important keywords into our meta tags and other meta tags on our web pages.

Let us discuss the 2 parts of the SEO process.

The first part of the process is finding relevant keywords for our site. Keywords are the words people would use to search for your website. Our website can have related keywords. So you use keywords to help Google understand what your site is about. You find the most relevant ones that match your site. Then you place the keywords in the alt tags of your images. Then, you put the same keywords into the title tag of your website and the keywords also found in your head tag. That is just to help Google better understand what your site is about.

Then, find the best places to include those keywords in the page. You must understand that any content on your web page affects the ranking of your web page. So you must make sure any content is relevant and unique. Also, you must ensure any links are back to your website with those keywords in the anchor text. Then, you ensure the keywords are used strategically in the alt tags and the title tags. Then it is necessary to ensure they are used strategically in the head tags and the alt tags of each page in your site. When you make sure of them, your site should be search engine friendly. The more keywords you use in the keyword tags and the title tags, the more effective you will be. A keyword density of about 2% is good. If it is more than 4%, you are doing better.

You have to ensure the internal linking structure. Also, ensure each sub page has unique content. The best option is to make sure any page has a URL with the keywords in it.

The best option is to ensure your website is well optimized. The easiest option is to go for content that is more on the subject that your web page is about. And you do not have to ensure a sub content or a sub domain. The most effective option is to make sure any page you do has the exact keywords you are using for that page. That means your sub content must have exact keyword you are using for sub domain. If you make sure that any page you do has exactly the same keywords you are using for sub domain, Google should understand your site is about those keywords and not the other way round. That also helps with the ranking. Then, ensure the content is not duplicated from other websites. And a directory such as EzineArticles or HubPages will help you. If you also have your content published on other sites, ensure that your URL has the same keywords you use for subdomain. That means the content in your article must have exactly the same keywords you are using in the sub domain. And so on. Your directory submissions should have the same keywords. And it will be easier for the search engine robots to understand your site.

It is not only about the keywords. Your website should be well-structured. It should have the best user experience. It should be about the topic that your sub content is about. Your links should have the keywords that you use in the sub domain. It should have the best internal linking structure. So when Google crawls your website and indexes you, it should find your website where the keyword you use in your sub domain matches the keyword used in your sub content. Your sub content should have a link to your site.

And that is exactly what the search engine robots look for when they index your website. In other words, when they find your website matches the keyword they use to index your website, they index your website.

When you make sure of all this, you will surely be indexed and you will be indexed fast.



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