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Search Engine Optimization For Your Website

I have been asked a lot of questions about what SEO is and how its works and most of the queries have been confused. So in this article, I’ll try to explain to you about.

SEO is a method that is being followed by webmasters to promote their websites. Hence you will get more clicks in your website. For example, if you will look on Google’s AdWords blog or any other website which is promoting keywords then you will see that there are many ways in which you can promote your keywords. You can place ads on the site, submit your site to the keyword directory, you can create ads, create ads for the advertiser, create ads for the website, and many more. But the most common and easy method is to promote your keyword through SEO.

SEO is a tool where you have to use it consistently and as per guidelines. Some of the common guidelines are:

1. No blackhat tactics: You will not promote your keyword through blackhat tactics. This includes using keywords that are not related to your niche or the field in which you are engaged. So do not promote keywords like “how to make money online” or “make money online fast” or any other keywords which are unrelated to your site. So you have to look for related keywords or else you will end up promoting those unwanted keywords. You have to follow the guidelines given in SEO guideline 1 “Keep it clean”.

2. Content is the king: You need to make unique content and unique in the sense that you should not copy any other person’s content. You should make different pages of your site with different content. So this way you can get a higher clicks rate in your site. And because of this, you will gain a reputation in your field. Because most of the people who will go to the site will be those people who are looking for your niche. And this way you will have more conversions and hence higher sales.

The other SEO technique that you need to consider is off-page optimization. Off-page SEO is not in terms of links but in terms of keywords. You need to use unique and relevant keywords on your site. But keep in mind that your site will not get in the hands of people who are not interested in your niche. So this way you will not be able to gain popularity in the site. And this will generate the links. And the links will generate the page rank, the PR, and the site reputation. So you can do that both in the on-page and off-page aspects. But we will talk about it later.

In order to understand the importance of that your page, which is popular in the site, you need to keep that page rank and page reputation as high as you can.

In off-page SEO, we also need to think of off-page factors, they are like backlinks and backlinks of a website. But remember that we also should consider the on-page factors. For instance, if you have more than 3 links in the webpage you may have a problem getting good ranks. So we will discuss this issue in a separate post.

So you need to understand that it is not just the page reputation, it is the on-page factors and the off-page factors that will generate the power of your site.

To know the importance of page rank you need to understand that page rank is not the number of links your site has, but is the quality of links. So if your site has a high page rank, it means that links coming from that site are not by low quality. So your site would be ranked higher than others. And of course, it would be the links coming from the top 10 sites that would be the most important.

There is also the anchor text. Your anchor text is the text that you use in your links that is coming from a certain site. So if your anchor text is, “add your site here” then the text would be “add your site here”. And they are all important.

Then there are the other off-page factors, where the importance of that is much higher. The on-page factors must be given more weight, than the off-page factors. And these are the factors that must be given more weight are the links coming from the anchor texts you choose. And the links coming from links that are coming from the sites that are not by the other competition.

The off-page factors and the on-page factors must be given more weight and not just the number of links your site has. And the link volume on the anchor text that you chose.



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