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In Search Engine Optimization, Making Sure Your URL Gets Indexed

There is a lot of information about it which makes it difficult for the newbies to understand all the aspects of it. The biggest problem is that they don’t know the techniques to learn SEO from scratch. So it would be helpful if you have other helpful information which should be known by them.

The most common problem among beginners is not understanding the process of optimization which is the base of all SEO activities. You will be overwhelmed by all the things like keyword density, backlinks, the internal link structure and much more. Here I’m going to share to you the basics of optimization which you can learn by yourself without much trouble.

Keyword density is the measure of the number of times the keyword occurs on a web page. So the keyword density on a web page should be less than 3%. So if your webpage is optimized to appear on the first page of the search engine result page (SERP), the keyword should be less than 3% in my opinion. the keyword must also appear on the title, domain name and also its location in the text. Also, the keywords must be present in the URL.

The keyword density should be less than 3% for two main reasons: the first one is that it creates a burden for the crawlers and secondly it creates a hurdle for the search engine spiders. Most search engines don’t consider the keyword density in the content of a web page.

They consider only the keywords in the tags of the web pages. The first two points are true but it has become a rule that if the keywords appear in the title, domain name, and they are found in the text also the keyword density is taken into consideration. So the whole task becomes easy and simple. The SEO should be done so that the site should appear on the SERP.

It’s a difficult task but it’s possible if the SEO was done correctly. It has been mentioned in the first place that you should have less than 3% keyword density and second it’s because it creates a burden for the search engine spiders. The first point is true but it should be checked what should be the location of the keyword. If the keyword is placed on the title and also if the keyword is in the domain name. If the keyword is in both places then the whole SEO is possible. The third point is true but I recommend the placement of the keyword is on the title.

The next part of the SEO process is backlinks. A backlink is simply the other page link to the one which you are working on. If you need a link for your site then you can get it from the directories. But backlinks are also a great opportunity for search engines.

There are lots of sites from which you can get backlinks. There is an article directory, press release, forum, blogs, social bookmarking sites and web directories. The other aspect of the backlinks is that they also are very important for search engine spiders. Again one thing to check is the title of the backlink is it it contains your keyword.

So the next step in the SEO process is on-page SEO. We have the on-page SEO about which I don’t know what you need to check. But check the title and check the description and add to each of them your keywords. So if you need to add your keywords in the code then make sure that your keywords are in the meta tags. To make the pages a bit more SEO friendly you can put your keywords in the images.

But the important thing is that the keywords should appear in the title,the site’s web page tag and description. Make sure the links you create are done in a very natural way and don’t confuse the search engine spiders. The web page that you have created is a great work of art and art.

So you have created your web page and you are about to submit the URL for Googlebot to. This should happen automatically if you have used the safe redirect. For Googlebot, the URL should redirect to something that is not a spam. You need to submit the URL.

It will tell the Googlebot what kind of business you are in and if you have done this then it will make your website or blog or thread more relevant for the search term and then it will index your website for whatever keywords you provide.

This is really what you need to do. But sometimes, as I said, sometimes, they will not automatically. But if you don’t make sure that they index your URL then it can affect your results. This is why I say to make sure that you use the safe redirect.



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