Many sites have been built purely for search engine purposes, the pages have very little content and the sites has a lot of graphics. For a search engine to understand your site, you need to have content.

There are two important parts of your site.

* Content – Content is the main commodity to focus on and develop. Content is the basis of all success. Content should be user friendly, relevant, original, fresh and of good quality. Content has to be updated constantly and relevant to the subject matter on the page. Content has to be built around the keywords. Search engines look for compelling content on the web, if you want high search result, bring up relevant content for your keywords. Search engines especially Google are looking for quality and not just quantity of content on the web. Content has to be updated frequently.

Content should be written for your audience, optimized for the search engines and should include your keywords. Keywords are the search engine’s best friend. Keywords are basically the terms your audience will search when they look for information. Therefore, keyword optimization is the main strategy to get your site to the top of the rankings. Keywords should be placed carefully on each page. Keywords should be used wisely, at the right places and of good quality.

You are in business for 2 main purposes. The first one is to make money. You want your visitors to convert to buyers. You can achieve this goal by building links and optimizing your site for the search engines.

* Build links – Link building is important in the online world. You should always look for high quality sites which are related to your subject. You can place the links on your content where it is easy for the search engines to read. For example, on your homepage. The anchor text is the keyword, therefore, it is important to have relevance between anchor text and the keyword. You should avoid using the same anchor text on all sites. Use different anchor text for different pages. Be careful with image links. Avoid using overused keywords.

* Position your keywords – Position your keywords correctly at the beginning and the end of the content. Don’t use excessive keywords. Position your keywords in the text just enough where it is readable and then spread the rest evenly. Don’t overdo it.

* Use internal linking – Internal linking is used to give visitors an easy access to different parts of your website. This will make them feel that you are an organized site. A well designed site has lots of links going to the important areas. Don’t place your link all over. For example, on your home page and on every page. Make sure your link is placed in a natural manner.

* Link to new pages – To generate incoming traffic to your site you should have different landing pages for different pages. It will attract the visitors to come and go to your new page. You can add a link on your home page and on other pages which is unique and relevant. This will give you more opportunity to have a high authority link.

* Links within pages – Try to use different anchor text for your links. Use unique anchor text for each page. Don’t place the same anchor text for all pages. This will also ensure that your content are unique and relevant. Also, don’t use more than 4 links on one page. This will also make your site look good and efficient.

* Links to external pages – This technique is used to give visitors a more dynamic site. These external pages will also generate a high authority link to your site. This link will also be more dynamic.

There are many more ways to optimize a site. You can also use some of the free methods. But one important thing to keep in mind is that you should build your site in such a way that it should take off the search engine spiders from your site. You should start to get high authority links to your site from authority sites. You can also use some free methods but always ensure that you are building the site in such a way that these methods will generate high authority links.

You should also have your site up in the search engines before you move to the paid methods. This will ensure that the spiders will visit your site before your competitors. Also you will have a greater chance to get good links to your site from the search engines. You can also find your site in the search engines through the social sites. The trick is to build your site with the visitors in mind.

Also you can always register your site with the search engines. The trick is that you need to have a ton of sites registered with the search engines. So it will take up to 3 months to see your site in the search engines.



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