SEO tips are designed to help you achieve that perfect balance between boosting your ranking on the search engines while maintaining an appropriate level of relevance for the key terms you are targeting. There is no one size fits all solution. Each is different in approach and results. But, some steps work for most sites.

Optimize your domain name. Your domain name should be short (not including number or special characters) and preferably include keywords related to what you are promoting.

Optimize your title. The title of your website should include the keyword you are targeting and preferably it should be linked to your site via a link. This is one of the most important factors to consider for SEO. If you have a link in your title that is not linked with anything else then it will be seen as spam by the search engines and will be penalized.

Optimize your description. Your description should contain a relevant keyword. It should be linked to your site via a link.

Optimize your keyword or key phrases. You should repeat the keywords you are targeting within the text on your site. Search engines consider this relevancy for your site.

Optimize your body or main page. Your body page should contain links to your other pages. Use a short description of your site. The description you write should contain keywords and relevancy for your site. It should not exceed 60-100 characters. It should also include the number and characters that are likely to be entered by a human visitor. If you use images then they should also be relevant to the keyword that is being targeted. Use anchor texts. The anchor texts should be targeted. Use the keywords in the alt tags. Use ALT tags where applicable.

Optimize your content. Use the keywords in the text.

Optimize your other pages. Optimize the other pages on your site. Use the keyword in the ALT tags. Your links should contain relevancy and should not be too many.

When using the keyword research tools it will be hard to avoid the fact that some tools are not really researched. Google is currently offering a new feature called “Link Predictions” that tries to determine the likelihood of two linked sites being linked by a spider. I am told that this has been in the works for a couple of months and it only offers up about 80% accuracy. You have to remember that the keyword tool is an approximation and there is no guarantee. The prediction tool may not always give you the best sites to link to, you have to remember that it is a prediction tool and has some limitations.

The keyword tools that are truly researched are Keyword Idiot or Wordtracker. These are both great tools to use to help you choose the best keyword for your site. I use them to find high search volume keywords.

Don’t be tempted to link to low search volume sites just to get a few links, be careful to ensure that the sites you link to are of good quality. In addition, you should avoid linking to low PR sites, the lower the PR the more likely a search engine is to link to your site and the less likely a link from a low PR site carries authority.

In addition to the keyword tools, some have an optional tool to find the number of sites that link to a site. This should not be used to find the number of sites linking to you but is a great tool to find the number of sites that link to the sites you link to.

The only tool you really need is the one that will find the number of pages that have links to your site, this can be done by using the Google Webmaster Tools page, just type in site:your_website and choose which report you want.

If your website has been submitted to Google and you want to verify its ranking, you will also want the Google search engine tool, there is a free one and a paid one. The free tool will not help you determine your rank, but the paid tool can. You can find out about the cost of both by choosing the option not to show them a monthly retainer.

All this information will be most useful to you if you can remember the difference between authority, ranking, and authority that you want to acquire. You also need to consider in addition to the various link tools that can be used.

Finally, you should ensure that you spend enough time to ensure that the site has a natural appearance, and you need not clutter it with junk content, this will not help your site.

Remember that this is a simple guide, you should also make sure that you have a website that is very professional with its layout, that will assist your site with quality content. This will also ensure that you are the first one to have it.



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