SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which is the training of increasing the volume superiority traffic aimed at your website through natural search engine results (i.e. search results that show up when you search for a phrase). This is done by enhancing the content of your website to include specific keywords, and by increasing your website’s in-bound links.

The goal is for your website to appear on the first page of the relevant search results when a person “keywords” a query using the search engine as leverage. When you look for a phrase, you want to be able to see the highest relevance for that phrase, so you can click to the first site that pops up and grab the searcher. When you look for a website, you want to find the one that offers the best content for that topic or product.

The most effective SEO approach would be to optimize your website as a whole. That is, create the best overall website that includes content related to each individual page. The search query tells you which pages offer the highest relevancy, so you should focus on that. You can do this without changing the look or feel of any given page by changing the page’s keywords to match the query, and then adding the other links and content to the page. This will make it more relevant, and it will also make it appear higher as a search result when the query is used.

So, it’s not hard to get high rankings in search engines if you do it right, right? It’s also not hard to get a low ranking if you do it wrong. As a rule, you don’t want to be too concerned about where your site appears in the search results or rankings, you want to focus more on getting the best content for your site, and you want to keep the site from looking like spam when the keyword is used, in order to get a high ranking.

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