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Google Algorithm Updates 2017

Google Algorithm Updates 2017 and how it affects SEO

Google changes its search algorithm frequently. But it is easy to overlook when changes happen, because Google does not announce it in most cases. The onus is on online marketers to detect the change, typically by witnessing noticeable changes in SEO performance after the fact.

If you find some erratic SEO performance shifts and can’t figure out what in the world is happening, the logical conclusion is that there was a change to the search algorithm that directly and negatively affected your own organic progress. Naturally, you must stay apprised of what is happening in the SEO world, because being ignorant can really damage your marketing efforts overall.

Given that optimizing for the latest algorithm updates forms the foundation of your search engine optimization strategy, this isn’t a topic you can sleep on. You need to stay vigilant.

Of particular importance to webmasters and marketers alike – there are over 600 Google updates annually. While some of these changes will qualify as major updates, others not so significant that they should affect your overall SEO campaign strategy.

Instead of speculating about updates, gather as much information as possible about current marketing best practices, and then vet your campaign against it. Monitor your campaign carefully to rapidly detect changes in performance that stray far from historical results. Quick and unanticipated shifts in performance are signs of algorithmic changes slowing your progress in one or more areas.

So it pays to keep up with the latest algorithm modifications. In this article, we will review some of the major changes we already know about, and evaluate how they will impact SEO results during the remainder of this calendar year. Over the past few months, the SEO world has been abuzz with Fred, the name of the Google update that is currently creating waves. In early March, webmasters a far and wide began speculating that a major update had begun pushing out due to major turbulence in the SERPs. Some website rankings crashed significantly, and we saw almost 90% of tracked keywords shifted in search rankings.

Google Algorithm Updates 2017
Google Algorithm Updates 2017

No doubt, this is quite a strange thing to happen, and apparently, it motivated many webmasters to dig deeper. Later, Google admitted that Fred was a significant update aimed at websites that are heavy in advertisements and poor in content.

It came to light that this update was an attempt from Google to weed out websites more interested in making money than presenting quality content to users.

This major update, though not launched yet, is reverberating in the SEO corridors due to the high impact that it is likely to have on SEO. No one knows exactly when the Mobile First Index will happen, but one thing is evident: It is a major update on a similar scale to Panda and Penguin.

So in other words, we all need to be prepared for it in advance. For the last few years, Google has been advocating for mobile friendly websites, but the focus was primarily on mobile design. Mobile user experience was the biggest piece of this focus. This resulted in widespread popularity of responsive web design that is necessary for creating mobile friendly websites.

Having achieved this initial goal, Google is now likely to make further changes to the search algorithm, acknowledging the fact that most people are accessing the web from mobile devices. To ensure that you’re optimizing your website properly for the new index, test the robot.txt of the site to ensure that the mobile bots can crawl the responsive website as well as desktop spiders.

The digital world is now more hyped-up, dynamic and influential than ever before. It is more focused and competitive as well. With the end goal for you to achieve high search engine rankings and to maintain them, you have to look after the latest Google SEO updates 2017. This is the initial move towards staying aware of the latest SEO trends and remaining focused.

The SEO updates are directly proportional to Google’s algorithm updates that search engines receive. Since Google is the pioneer in the search marketing, new changes in Google Algorithm Update 2017 are vital to enhance optimization of your website. Website admins need to have phenomenal understanding of all the latest Google search engine algorithm updates and related procedures, as only this can let them know latest SEO updates 2017 essential to optimize websites, ensure better DA and high rankings in SERPs.

Google Algorithm Updates 2017
Google Algorithm Updates 2017

Largely, Google is centered on enhancing its web search administrations for online users, and by keeping a track of changes in Google’s Algorithm updates, marketers can increase ranking of their sites. Google has a long history of famous SEO algorithm updates that channelize ranking mechanism of SERPs.

Some of these updates will have a strong impact on your site’s SEO, and some won’t make quite as big of a change. Each of these algorithm updates focus on different SEO topics such as poor content quality, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, copyright infringements, poorly optimized pages, and the list goes on. Google will analyze these points on your website to see if your site’s SEO is up-to-date with the newest practices. If they are, great! Maybe your site rank will jump ahead of a competitor’s. If not, your search engine rank could drop.

Search engines have come a long way. At the onset, ranking higher in search engines wasn’t an uphill task. More precisely, gracing top Google pages only required an entrepreneur to stuff content with keywords and add multiple links. In the recent years, however, numerous changes have been evident. With the recent Google Algorithm updates, SEO entrepreneurs have been spending sleepless nights on the best way possible of beating the tight Search Engine Optimizations race.

Keeping up with these Google Algorithm changes will help you stay ahead of your competition and have a positive effect on your site’s traffic & user engagement.

Optimizing content for your website is not a one-time job. Google often rolls out different search algorithms which affect different SEO factors. These will cause unavoidable impacts to the SEO of your site, so keeping up with Google algorithm updates are incredibly important!


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